Hi Dizzlers!

 So this is my first post for you all after our big move to 2.0 and after our first Level 1 seminar weekend. It also marked our first in-house competition, kindly hosted by our sister affiliate Reebok CrossFit Stockport. Big things are happening across the board at the gym and I wanted to lay out our plans and reasons to keep you all up to date. A "mission statement" if you will.
Firstly, why are we hosting seminars at the gym? I know some of you have not been happy about changes to the programme to accommodate this so let me lay out the several reasons why we do this and our plans going forwards. Hosting seminars from a completely mercenary point of view brings in much needed monies to the business to help us cover costs, costs that would otherwise mean increased membership prices to mean we can operate. This, however is nowhere near the main reason. We want our Trainer Team to be always developing and are proud of the desire to improve we all show in this regard. Hosting seminars gives us places on said courses to give to our trainers. This means we can have the best educated and experienced trainers possible for us all to benefit and learn from. This is something I am committed to in my role as Head Trainer. I have left the last reason to last as it is the one that is closest to my heart. We host seminars because we hold true to the meaning of "community", we at CrossFit 3D pay it forward. At every stage in my CrossFit career I have had someone to help me on my journey, been given of time and gym to mean I could improve. My job and role with CrossFit and in the UK means that role befalls us all at 3D. Hosting seminars means I can give back to the community that has given me so much. Over the years I have heard the word "community" abused to mean it should only be there to be taken from. It became a convenient excuse to accuse a lack of "community" when one didn't get what they wanted. For me "community" has meant always trying to give more than you receive (giggidy). Hosting seminars means more people can get qualified to help change more lives with CrossFit. This was a mission statement we had when applying for our first affiliation in 2006 and I still hold true to that today. But have no fear, if seminars are hosted, we will still hold classes on that day outside of the course and/or host events like the outstanding competition held this last weekend! We are also limiting the amount of seminars we host to ideally every other month to minimise interruption.
The journey from Rach and I doing this way of life in a back garden in 2003 to where we are now has been a roller coaster and we truly love what has been built and all the experiences that have guided us. Bumps and grumbles as we grow are bound to happen, but let this be your guiding thought, if there is a problem, be part of the solution by suggesting ways we can help and improve, rather than be part of a problem and poison efforts of others. Community is what we make it, if we just take and whine, it suffers. If we give and problem solve, we thrive. My door is ALWAYS OPEN.
Let's smash the back doors off 2014 Dizzlers.