Saturday 17th June 2017

WOD'Fairbrother' AMRAP 26 400m Run 30 StOH (40/30kg) 20 Burpees

For our Friend and former 3d'er Chris Gibbs in New Zealand see Danny's message below...

"Recently my bestmate, Chris Gibbs, had a member sadly pass away in his gym. His name was Scott Fairbrother and they are doing a work out for him this Saturday. If you guys could find time in your busy schedules to do it Scotts family and the gym would really appreciate it.

You can do it whenever you like. If you do please use the hashtags #forscott and #fairbrother... as well as tagging Upper Hutt CrossFit in you post on social media.

If you wanted to go that step further you can donate a small fee to Scotts family