Saturday 18th June 2016

Either Solo, In Pairs or teams.  

1000 Burpees FT -

Weets friend fundraiser WOD.

Our Coach Michael Weetmans buddy tragically took his own life recently and his family are looking for help and support with the financial burden they are now facing, at 3D we are a family and when one of our own suffers a loss or tragedy like any family we are their to support and help in anyway we can, below is Weets words on this, we are completing todays WOD in  abid to try and raise a few £ to help, we will have donation buckets to collect on the day and if you can get some sponsorship or people to make a donation even better #3D #Family

"One of my mates killed himself this week that I served with in the Army. He was an absolutely mega bloke. He was one of the genuine good guys. He could always put a smile on your face, was always there for the blokes and one of the rare times you could say you were proud to know someone. He left behind and extensive family and the family are looking for help to cover funeral costs, transportation o...f his body along with a few other things. I'm wondering if we can bond together as Team 3D to help out???

PTSD, Mental health illness call it whatever the f$$%$ it is.. It affects more veterans than both the war in Iraq and Afghan, which me and Stevie both served in, has claimed casualties in combat. He's not the first of my friends to go this way and I wish I could say he'd be the last.

The tragedy is in the loss of his life. The sadness is in the isolation he must have felt during his final days.

RIP Stevie Brock