Saturday 21st May 2016

Supporting our family from CrossFit Aberdeen with todays  WOD CrossFit Aberdeen Rhodri WoD 21st May 2016

In teams of 3


33 Power Cleans 80/60kg

12 Tyre Flips ** (120/80kg deadlift)

420 m Team Run


Cash out 129 Burpees


cfa rohdri




Rod was a great athlete, as well as a huge part of the community at CFA. Each year, they hold a team WoD in his honour, and this year it will be held on Saturday 21st May. This is a very special day for us at CFA, where not only our own athletes get involved, but boxes from around the world, showing Rod and his family how the community can really come together.

As Rod was a great supporter of MacMillan Cancer, we will also invite donations to Macmillan.

The current Rhodri Thomas tribute fund total including gift aid stands at £12,153.30 which is an amazing achievement!