Hello from mike...

How does your gym work?

At CrossFit 3D, there are no joining fees. Memberships run on a month by month basis with a 30 day notice period – we want to you come and train, enjoy your membership and get results. We don’t tie you into contracts as we believe what we offer is so much more than any conventional gym that our actions and training methods will keep you wanting to come back.

Sessions are run in groups, capped at 10 or 15 people dependent on session. There is a set warm up followed by a set workout. All movements are explained, with time spent on learning these. The group performs the workout together, creating a tremendous feeling of camaraderie and community. Workouts are also universally scalable, meaning pensioners, sports professionals and housewives could all be working our alongside each other. Members get a great sense of achievement from completing these workouts and make friends along the way!

What is the workout?

The workout-of-the-day, or WOD as it is better known in the CrossFit world, consists of constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. These workouts usually last 10-20 minutes, but can be as short as 5 minutes or even over 30 minutes. You never know what you are going to get!

What do you do for cardio?

Most mainstream gyms and health clubs will programme clients a standard workout comprising isolation movements and extended aerobic sessions. Does the following sound familiar?

10 minutes warm up on bike
10 minutes leg machines
10 minutes upper body machines
10 minutes abs
15 minutes cross trainer
15 minutes run

Every time you go in the gym. Boring. And ineffective. And over an hour long.

At CrossFit 3D we use compound, functional movements and short, high intensity sessions to get you results, interspersed with longer duration efforts. These movements and intensity levels has been scientifically proven to be noticeably more effective at achieving desired fitness results. Sadly, most conventional gyms still embrace the old, much less effective methods of training and many gym goers remain unmotivated and rarely use their memberships.

It sounds hard – I don’t think I’m fit enough...

The beauty of CrossFit is that it is applicable to anyone, and can be scaled to meet the abilities of anyone, allowing them to still work at an intensity relative to them. The workouts are tough, but can be adjusted to suit all fitness and ability levels. CrossFit will benefit all individuals, from elite athletes to pensioners, and is particularly beneficial to those needing a basic fitness for their profession, e.g. manual workers, emergency services and the military. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind, and so we scale workouts, we don’t change them. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you are capable of CrossFit. CrossFit training is unparalleled in its effectiveness but is always be approached progressively. The key ingredient to success here is real commitment.

Will it help me lose weight?

The movements and intensity offered by CrossFit demand more physically than traditional gym routines and therefore you will burn significantly more energy in an shorter time period. Along with a healthy diet, over time you will become leaner. Weight loss is not a specific aim of the CrossFit programme but is certainly a welcome side-effect! If you train like an athlete and eat like an athlete, it is no great surprise that CrossFitters start to look like athletes.

But I don’t want to get bulky…

It takes years of specific dedicated training as a bodybuilder to pile on that much muscle. CrossFit will not make you big and bulky – it will make you strong. This is usually a question asked by women – the female body is not designed to react that way to heavy weights. Put out of your head any pictures of female body builders – these ladies tend to look masculine because they train and ‘supplement’ in a way designed to increase muscle size. We don’t do either of these.

How long are the classes?

Classes are an hour long. During this time there is a programmed warm up, time to review movements or work on individual skills or technique (known as ‘tekkers’) , and then a group workout (or WOD). The workouts vary in length but usually are within the 10-20 minute time frame.


“Joined the Gym in January – dropped out in March – still paying in December !”

Sound familiar? In the traditional fitness industry there is a drop out rate of almost 80% in the first 12 weeks, which is why they make you sign a 12 month contract (or pay a premium if you don’t). Traditional gyms rely on only 10% of members actually attending – that’s how they make their money.

With CrossFit 3D the opposite is true. CrossFit 3D has had a retention rate of over 80% since opening. The reasons for this huge difference? A great experience, failproof methodology, supportive community and awesome results that speak for themselves.

We provide personalized coaching during every workout, for every exercise…We not only teach you proper movement, form and technique, we also help you to find a level of intensity within yourself that you may not even realise existed. The sense of camaraderie and community that we develop in our group classes is something you won’t find at a traditional gym, or through training alone. This is the best training you can get, the return on investment huge, and the experience life-changing.

How about ‘bootcamp’ fitness programmes – they’re cheaper...

Of course they are. Training is in a public place, the park’s charge for this is minimal no matter how many people turn up. There is minimal equipment. There is only one session per day in any one venue, sometimes not at all. There are numerous people working out – what individual attention do you get? What attention is paid to your individual safe and effective execution of movement before you start? You have to pay a joining fee or sign a minimum 3 month contract. What are you actually paying for?

At CrossFit 3D there is a purpose-built facility, specialist equipment and highly trained coaching staff running small group personal training classes. And if you don’t like it after a month, you are free to leave. What have you got to lose? This is cheaper than joining a bootcamp organisation for 3 months.

Why train at CrossFit 3D rather than join a gym ?

Results. That’s why we don’t make you sign a contract – and they do. We charge each month in advance.

You can’t compare the results of 3 months at a gym with 3 months CrossFit. The CrossFitter will be fitter, faster, more powerful and leaner. More importantly – the CrossFitter will probably still be training. We provide skilled coaching, support, the appropriate tools and advice to keep you motivated and working towards your goals.

Can’t I just follow the workouts posted on your website?

We freely offer our workouts on our blog – you don’t have to train with us to access it. What we offer is sound coaching, motivation, intensity and community. High intensity and correct coaching will lead to faster results. Training with us, you’ll trainer harder, better, and get more support with technique, motivation and diet. You’ll probably train more too.

What should I wear?

Anything that’s comfortable and allows you to move freely. Boardies, Shorts, 3 quarter length pants, joggers, vest tops, t.shirts, hoodies. Layers are a good option, tight trousers (unless they have lycra in them) are not.

Do you have a shower and changing rooms?

Yes, we have 2 changing rooms, one male, one female. Both with 2 showers.

Where are your machines?

Apart from rowers we don’t use any. Machines often force your body to move in unnatural ways and can put unacceptable stresses on your joints. We primarily utilise functional movements which move your joints through their natural range and have a better carry over into life and sport. We don’t use machines…..we build them.

Why should I CrossFit?

Have you ever seen someone who can’t get out of a chair, or gets breathless walking up stairs, or can’t walk down the street without help? It is our belief that many of the ailments we see in old age are directly caused by a loss of functional fitness and/or poor nutrition. By training our bodies using every day movements with a wide variety of tools we firmly believe out athletes can lead productive lives regardless of age..

For those who compete in sports, functional exercises and skills transfer directly to the sporting area and lead to an increase in strength, speed, agility and flexibility among other benefits.

What else does CrossFit 3D offer?

We offer personal training, team and sport-specific training, movement therapy, CrossFit Kids, personal programming and nutrition.

But other CrossFit gyms are cheaper…

That may be, but not by much, especially when you compare what you get for your money. Our prices reflect the quality of training, facility (both quality and size), trainer qualifications and experience, reputation, number of classes available, and other products that we offer. See “Why CrossFit 3D” above. We are confident we are one of the best out there.

What about……?

Got a question we haven’t answered? Feel free to contact us at info@crossfit3d.com. You many also want to check out the FAQs section of CrossFit.com here.