We are South Manchester’s premier strength and conditioning facility. At CrossFit 3D, we believe that training should prepare you for the challenges that life throws at you, the unknown and the unknowable.

We do this by offering a broadly inclusive programme tailored to meet the needs of each and every individual that trains with us. This means we can help you regardless of whether you want to play professional sport or play with your kids at the weekend!

Lloyd Quansah Rowing

We recognize that the needs of an 80 year old Grandparent, Firefighter and professional Athlete will differ by degree and not kind. We scale the programme to suit YOU! You will be trained in the major lifts, basic gymnastic moves, kettlebells and many other disciplines that will increase your work capacity. We will train you like an athlete to give you the ability to excel across broad time and modal domains. Our programme is not only universally scaleable to meet the needs of everyone, it prides itself in its effectiveness and community. You will achieve results and make new friends that last. Sound too good to be true? Let us show you! Come and visit us anytime with no obligation to join. You won’t regret it…