New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me

Ever hear this before, maybe even posted it?

Over the last 10+ years of coaching people through to better lifestyles or fitness one of the things I try to get people to do is re program for the long term. After periods of feast there always seems to be famine and vice versa but always it leads back to the same pattern. Statistically few overweight or obese people lose weight; in fact it's less than 10% who will ever keep the weight off that they lose. Scary facts when you come to think of it hey?

Changes are made easier to maintain when you ADD things in rather than TAKE things away. Anyone can find a moment of sobriety after a few bad hangovers or can cut carbs out after over indulging for a few weeks, but ask yourself is this maintainable or even useful? If you take too much away or change things too drastically too quickly without a long term plan, most of the time your adding fuel to the fire. Instead, you need to goal set for the long term and start adding in good habits that you keep before you start starving yourself down for 3+ weeks ask yourself does that mean after that time your now okay to engage back in the behaviour that was making you unhappy or overweight in the first place? Are you ready to take these issues on in long term and invest in your future?

  • Instead of dieting by taking out too many food groups why don't you add in some healthy foods first and make things a little easier. If your plan is to train harder than usual you are going to need to sustain your body and keep it fuelled.

  • Add in lots of veggie soups and smoothies each day.

  • Slowly reduce your intake of foods you've decided are bad, instead of treating them like the enemy.

  • Speak to one of the CrossFit 3D training staff and work out your daily calorie intake for your own personal needs and monitor it carefully while making sure 80% of the daily calories are from healthy nutrient abundant foods.

  • Add in some multi vitamins and other relevant supplements for you while gradually reducing your sugar intake, processing sugars in the body is heavily nutrient dependant so reducing while adding in these great foods will increase your energy intake while not leaving you feeling hungry and lethargic all the time meaning you can train hard feel energetic and actually want to go to the gym and train!

  • Stay away from fad diets and diet books and learn to find a diet that matches your lifestyle and make YOU feel great.

  • If you want to find out more about how CrossFit 3D can help you achieve your fitness goals try us out for free for one week – Sign up here.

Here's to an awesome 2016, stay happy and healthy!

Mike Madders, CrossFit 3D

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