Reebok CrossFit 3D Pairs Gauntlet

So this past weekend saw us host our 1st ever internal competition. Due to our home being given the honour of hosting a L1 our very good friends at RCF Stockport allowed us to use their home to run it.

As this is a new box to most member Mike and I decided we would run this as close to real competition standards as we could, giving all who entered who might not have had chance before to experience the thrills and adrenaline of that environment.

It was same sex pair’s event, with teams selected by Mike and I matching where possible more experienced Dizzler with a less experienced Dizzler and also members who may not have interacted before as they train in different classes. A Fantastic turnout of 32 competing for the 3 prizes donated by Reebok, SGF and of course 3D

We programmed 4 WODS for the day announcing WOD 1 via a video to the members page the night before and all other WODS in keeping with the unknown and unknowable competition theme, announced just before they were to be started.


WOD 1                                                    WOD 2A                                                         WOD 2B

12 Min AMRAP                                       in 5 Mins set a 1RM Power clean        Max reps at 80% of your 1RM

12 plate GTOH                                       score is total combined weight

8 Over box burpees                                Rest 2 mins

While one partner rows 500m



For Time

200 Air Squats

150 Kb swings 24/16kg

100 Push press 35/25kg

75 Jumping Pull ups

50 Burpees


It was all scored as per normal completion rules with 1 point for 1st place finish 2 for 2nd etc


Highlights for the day: a whopping 12 PB’s on the 1Rm power cleans some down to the fact our Dizzlers aren’t too up to speed with the Lbs – Kgs conversions!  A very close fought final in both the ladies and guys events, moving from station to station almost neck and neck with everyone just pushing that bit harder trying to stay in touch with the lane next to them, Laura and Nikki putting 15lb plates on instead of 10lb plates for the final and wondering why everyone seemed to be faster than them, it was great to see even in competition the support given by everyone as always to their fellow athletes who were battling it out at the end

In the end the final results were as follows:



1st Place Charlotte and Bekki
2nd Place Caz and Lizzie
3rd Place Gemma and Mel

Jane and Jeni missed out on count back which came to just 1 point across all 4 WODS and down to the number of rounds in WOD 1 it was that hard to separate them great effort from team JJ!!



1st Place Nath and Stu
2nd Place Sam and Hok
3rd Place Grinny and Andrew

Again as with the ladies Ant and Oxo missing out on count back, a victim of their own success Oxo smashed a huge PB on the clean but then struggled on the max reps as he was using his previous 1RM!!

A really great day and was all done and dusted by 2pm, great to see everyone really applying themselves and hopefully this is the spur to get themselves entered into the open, congrats to all who took part and all the PB’s

Finally Huge thanks to Carl Dickson for letting us use RCF Stockport for the day, our very own ‘Julie Foucher’ Ali Watson for being our superb demo girl for all the WODS, Jen Whieldon for calculating all the scores on a very official efficient spreadsheet, Rob, Lotti, Sean, Tris and Sully for helping with the judging, and to Reebok, SGF Speed ropes and 3D for providing the prizes. Looking forward to the next one… now get signed up for the Open! #proudtobeteam3D

All of the photos that have been taken are getting added to this GALLERY